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Virgin Media wins High Court patent battle

# Mar 31, 12:23 PM by Chris T

A High Court judge has thrown out patent proceedings brought against Virgin Media over some of the features of its TiVo set top box.

Rovi Corporation claimed that VM was infringing two of its patents thanks to features in the TiVo’s electronic programme guide (EPG), which allow users to scroll backwards over the past week’s TV schedules, or hide TV channels they’re not interested in.

But the High Court ruled that Rovi’s patents were invalid, and that even if they were, VM would not have been infringing them.

The findings echo a previous case Rovi brought against Virgin Media in 2011, in which three other of its patents were ruled invalid.

A Virgin Media spokesman said: “Of the five Rovi patents to reach judgment, all five have been found invalid by the Court. We’re pleased the Court has dismissed Rovi’s claims. We believe they should never have been brought.”

A Rovi spokesman said: “We respectfully, but strongly, disagree with this decision and will be reviewing the options available to us on appeal. Rovi has successfully licensed other services like the one at issue in this case with leading companies throughout the world. In fact, the TiVo service that is being utilized by Virgin Media is currently licensed under the Rovi patent portfolio in the United States.”

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