View Full Version : Telewest extends Digital service ready for PVR

Paul M
02-06-2005, 15:56
Cable Forum has today received a press release from Telewest stating, Telewest Broadband has upgraded the last remaining analogue part of its network in the South East this week, enabling a further 36,000 households in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Edenbridge to receive digital TV and broadband internet services.
The upgrade comes just months before the launch of new, next-generation TV services from the cable company including TV-on-demand and a personal video recorder (PVR).

TV-on-demand will offer digital TV viewers the ability to watch a variety of movies and TV content whenever they want through their existing cable set-top box, simply by using their remote control. The service will also provide the same controls as watching a DVD or video – once a film or programme is ordered, customers can pause, fast forward and rewind.

The new PVR set-top box (See Below) will incorporate a substantial 160GB hard drive and three video tuners, which will allow viewers to receive Telewest Broadband’s digital TV service and record two programmes simultaneously while watching a third. The set-top box will also allow customers to pause and instantly rewind live TV if their viewing is interrupted, so they never have to miss a moment of their favourite programmes again.