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  • Virgin Media Urge Broadband Customers with Super Hub 2 to Change Default Password

    Virgin Media said the risk to customers with a Super Hub 2 router was “small”, but have advised around 800,000 customers to change both their network and router passwords if they were still set as the default shown on the attached sticker on the underneath part of the device.

    Security researchers, SureCloud, have apparently managed to hack in to Super Hub 2, but Virgin Media have said other routers of a similar age are also affected.

    Customers are advised to use strong passwords, use letters and numbers and a combination of higher and lower case letters and the more characters in the password the better. See below on how to change the password.

    Virgin Media spokesperson says:

    “The security of our network and of our customers is of paramount importance to us. We continually upgrade our systems and equipment to ensure that we meet all current industry standards.

    To the extent that technology allows this to be done, we regularly support our customers through advice and updates and offer them the chance to upgrade to a Hub 3.0 which contains additional security provisions.”
    If you are still using the default Super Hub 2 router password, here’s how to change it.

    1) First, connect a computer to the Super Hub using an Ethernet cable.

    2) Then open a web browser and navigate to the settings page by entering the web address shown on the Super Hub sticker.

    3) Click Wireless Network Settings and enter your desired new passphrase into the Passphrase box.

    There are separate options for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wireless networks.

    4) When setting a new password, using a strong one of mixed letters and numbers with upper/lower case. A strong password is one of 12 characters or more.

    5) After that, click Save Settings, and then close the administration interface. All computers and devices that were wirelessly connected to the Super Hub will now be disconnected, because they will still be configured with the old Wi-Fi network security key.

    6) Restart your computers and devices and try to reconnect to the Super Hub 2, and you should be prompted for the new password.

    If you ever forget your new password, you can set it back to the default by resetting your Virgin Media Hub (this will also reset all other changes you have made to the Super Hub’s settings)

    7) Once all computers and devices are reconnected to the WiFi network, you can disconnect the Ethernet cable from the computer.