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Thread: Closing Olympic Ceremony

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    Thumbs up Closing Olympic Ceremony

    Did any of you watch it?

    Thought it was really good ...

    London Olympics here we come...

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    Re: Closing Olympic Ceremony

    I caught most of it and, although it was good, I enjoyed the opening ceremony more.

    We won the 2012 on a Youth and Sustainability platform if I'm not mistaken. It will be interesting to see how the London ceremonies and venues compare.

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    Re: Closing Olympic Ceremony

    I thought it was good, I liked our section. Was quite cool and British Especially playing Whole Lotta love on top of the bus
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    Re: Closing Olympic Ceremony

    Mrs D commented that Boris should have had his jacket done up.

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    Re: Closing Olympic Ceremony

    I thought it was cute the way Boris didn't know what to do with his hands when he first got on the podium. He nearly put them in his pockets and you could see him remembering what his advisers had told him about trying to look at least a little bit tidy. I don't think I have ever seen him looking anything but rumpled.

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    Re: Closing Olympic Ceremony

    Gah!Was that the best speech he could come up with?
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    Re: Closing Olympic Ceremony

    The whole thing was worth it just to see Boris Johnson get to be the man on the stage instead of Gordon Brown.

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