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    I will take you teeth out and your tongue out and you wont be able to speak again. Now behave and be a good boy thats a little darling. Hugh by any chance do you want to adopt and you can have him for nothing.

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    Re: Hello

    I'm telling dad you're giving me away for nothing. you know dad would say that I'm worth at least a fiver

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    Re: Hello

    Gazza are you gone to bed. You better be before I get in that door.

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    I'm in bed mother. ignore the video camera when you come in, I'm fixing it for a mate.

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    Come out of that room now and leave the video camera alone. This is your dad speaking. I've locked you mother in the basement and I cant let her see me in the clothes. The blackmail money if you dont come out right now. Do you not hear your poor mother banging on the door

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    What clothes? have you been drinking dad? can't you just go back to the pub and let mum out?

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    Now Gazza dont pretend you dont know what I'm talking about. Come out fast. You have to face facts and come to terms that Daddy dresses in Mummy's clothes and I also told Mummy not to give you away to the bold boy Hugh. Not unless he pays us £10 for you. quick she is coming out. Hurry son

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    Mum won't mind you wearing her clothes. she can wait in my bed till you've finished with them.

    And Hugh's offered me £50. and that's just for a night!

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    . Very good son. Get Hugh to give more money and we can see what happens from there son. Oh Your mother is out of the basement. Hide me son and leave that dam VIDEO alone NOW. Run quick

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    Your mother is screaming son. Hide under the bed quick

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    I'm going to knock you out with bat again dad. you'll feel better in the morning. you always do.

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    Are you sure my son

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    Think someone slipped something in to your drink

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    Re: Hello

    Test Post

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